Using morningstar mc6 .. midi channel?

can someone explain how to choose midi channel for beatbuddy and aeros , please …


No, as I have the MM, but BB is on channel 1 and Aeros on channel 3. If that helps.

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I don’t have an Aeros but I do own a Beatbuddy.
So, follow this path on the BB:
-Settings (press Drum Set & Tempo buttons)
-Main Pedal
-MIDI Settings
-MIDI Channel Number
and select whichever you like


Hi there,

Are you trying to set it on the MIDI in or the MIDI out? The Aeros can be set to listen to channel 1-16 or ALL. This is done in the device settings reachable from the Home Screen. The Aeros doesn’t currently generate commands so the MIDI out channel has no effect.

The MIDI channel for the BB is set in Main Pedal> MIDI settings > MIDI In > MIDI Channel Number

Main Pedal> MIDI settings > MIDI Out > Channel

Does this help?

Let me know!