Using polyphony (+inf or set value)? And other things MIDI

As I’m digging deeper into creating drumkits and MIDI files for BB - and having read through Phil Flood’s and Persists posts on related subjects - I need to ask for some direction on fundamental topics. I’m searching and other places for help as well since these are general questions not BB specific.

Having created some drumkits using existing files and swapping/adjusting parts in REAPER I need to refine the associated drumkits:

  • Some kits show Polyphony (for bass specifically) at ‘+inf’ - others have specific values.
  • Kits label bass parts ‘non-percussion’ to use note-off yet when I did that the notes weren’t properly sounded/cutoff on one song but changing to ‘percussion’ corrected that. Are there non-obvious commands associated with a given .sng?
  • Using ‘no choke’ appears in some kits for bass parts but not always? Any examples of when to use choke groups for bass?
  • MIDI commands such as pitch bend, mod wheel, etc (other than velocity) have no effect in BB correct?

Questions above came from trying to understand why a drum kit responds differently in two songs. I created a hybrid from an old rock with bass kit replacing the bass with Phil Flood’s .wav files which I like.

I needed to create two variants:
Rock drums 36-53 - HH various degrees of polyphony and Choke group 3 otherwise no choke group on drums same on both kit versions - all percussion designations as usual.

Bass 64 (E1) – 88 (E3) .wav files from PFlood’s 2164 PBass

Variant 1 - “percussion” bass needed with Choke Group 2 for an older song I tinkered with in REAPER (All Along the Watchtower). The song played properly with the old ‘Rock with Bass’ kit. When substituting the non-percussion drumkit version I created the bass notes are severe “staccato”

Variant 2 - “Non-Percussion” bass with Choke Group 2 used on a song I crafted in REAPER from an online sourced midi file (Victim of Love). Substituting the percussion (Variant 1) drumkit bass notes do not shut off (as to be expected using ‘percussion’ setting for bass).

The answer is staring at me so thanks as always for aiding my continuing education