Using the BB and the Ditto 4X for one man band situation

I have a BB pedal and I recently purchased a Ditto 4X which I plan to use for one man band situations. I will use it two different ways. One to obviously sync with beatbuddy and loop on top of the Ditto 4X. This is very straight forward. Plug in to the appropriate midi ports and your good to go. They communicate effortlessly together.
I would like to have one set up where I can use it with acoustic set up which will be a TC Helicon Acoustic Play, Ditto 4X, and a Boss Oct pedal. I would like to do a more rockin electric set up as well with maybe midi use of some guitar patches, amp sims, etc.
My question is two fold. With my acoustic setup I would like the flexibility of having my midi sync set up with the Ditto 4X but being able to turn it off if I want to loop without the BB and use guitar body percussion to build up some of my songs. Also with my electric set up I would like to obviously have a lot channels for guitar options I mentioned. Does anyone out there have a sort of dual purpose pedal board rig like this and what kind of midi control pedal are you using?

I was exploring something like the tech 21 midi mouse or their larger midi mongoose…

I appreciate any response but would prefer ones from people who actually have some experience in utilizing their equipment in these configurations… thanks…

Is there anyone out there?

Not sure if you already knew about this, or if will fit your needs, but it is worth looking into…

Singular Sound/Beatbuddy is coming out with the MIDI Maestro MIDI Controller, and the last word I heard was that they are in the manufacturing stage and will be released for sale in July… I am waiting for this to come out myself as it looks like it really has a lot of potential and versatility…

I bought one of these, because it seems to be one of the most configurable MIDI controllers out there.
It can send multiple MIDI messages simultaneously per footswitch, and can be configured in many different banks for different situations.
I’ve never used mine because I went in a different direction, but one day I might.
I think it would be good for what you’re wanting to do.

I bought a BB back in the day so that I could do a one man band kind of thing. check out the “with bass” songs, and keep an eye out for “autopilot”. There are ‘with bass’ songs that are called “OP” (for “one press”), but you can’t really interact with them. With autopilot you can, (or will be able to once it’s finished).

You can actually program the bb to play any instrument along with you, from drums, bass, to organs and guitars. I created a Mellotron kit.

I have a Ditto x 4 & BB also. I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t do what you are asking here? Just don’t use the beatBuddy and just use the Ditto? This seems so simple I’m sure I misunderstand what you are trying to do.