Using the Manager Software without the Pedal

Interestingly I just tried a small experiment to see if I could get the Manager Software to work independent of the pedal.
It can be done,

Download the software

Download the backup SD card
unzip the backup SD to a folder of your own name, but keep it simple… BBLocal for example

Install the Manager
run it
Import Project from Pedal…

now here you may get some errors popping up as I think the default values relate to the developers own drive configurations but just cancel …you may need to do that a few times 5 or 6…or maybe not…

But at some point you will be asked to point at the project folder…point it at your own local folder BBLocal
then press enter
it will then ask for a project name, enter whatever you want I used test
then just answer yes to the popups

when done it will import all the files and you can then play with it as if you had the pedal connected…

As the current manager is a beta, I can’t be sure this will be allowed in later versions but for those you waiting for your pedals this at least gives you some chance to play around

oh I just noticed also on my laptop, which was synced up to the pedal itself, my manager software is still working perfectly after I unplugged the BB. This is very convenient for creating new sequences away from the gear.

Brian, thanks for posting this - it works perfectly, and allows us to get familiar with the software, even if we haven’t yet received the pedal. While the interface is entirely different, it appears to be functionally very similar to the pattern editor that was built into the original Tascam 2488, which was a fantastic tool for building a complete drum track for backing a song you were working on. Why they removed it from subsequent models, I don’t know, but that’s another issue.
What will be interesting to see with the BBM software is whether you can incorporate sections from different songs to build a composition.
For example, on the Tascam, you’d choose a song from the list, and it would have the intro, main section with fill, secondary section with fill, and an ending. So, your verses would use the main, the chorus would use the secondary, and if you had a bridge, you could use a main or secondary section from another song altogether to give the bridge its own unique part. As the main and secondary sections only had one fill for each, it was also handy to bring in fills from other songs to give your final composition a less repetitive character.
As I look at the BBM software, it would seem that you’d be able to do the same thing, although I haven’t yet had the time to figure out how - I’ve only followed your process to use the SD card download as a means to operate BBM in stand alone mode.
If we can do the same thing with BBM in terms of assembling sections from different songs into a new song, that expands what the pedal can do quite a bit, and would allow the closest emulation to an actual drummer that I’ve ever seen.

yes you can do that to build up a song, there are some issues currently with lack of copy/paste functions, but you can create new blank songs, add (or not) intro, then verse, with fills, chorus, bridge, etc with or without fills. then end or not with outros.

Am sure the next few iterations of the software will make this a very impressive bit of software.

I used a USB SD Card reader when I loaded the Project from the Card, You do not have to attach the Pedal.
I didn’t think there was any difference if you use a Card Reader or attach the Beatbuddy Pedal unless I’m missing something.

No, you are not missing anything because it’s supposed to work this way :slight_smile:

How would I be able to play around with it without an actual BeatBuddy - Don’t I need the Data that is stored on the SD card - or was that default info posted somewhere and I missed it. I have the BeatBuddy Manager software installed - Just don’t have any data to work with. Can someone post their SD card contents?

Download it right from here -!

Excellent - I didn’t even know there was a download page on the website. Thanks

I loaded up the software on my work laptop and pointed to the directory - all that works great. The pedal graphic works and I can click and see that it is playing in the song graphic, but I get no sound from my laptop speakers. am I missing something? Will it not play back through the speakers on my PC? IS there a setting I need to change?

Hm, that’s actually very strange. I’ve encountered an issue with earlier manager software versions myself.

Can you please check whether directory where you’ve installed manager software to contains a subdirectory named ‘audio’ and if there is a file named ‘qtaudio_windows.dll’ in it?

I can’t find that file anywhere on my PC. Did I not install the package correctly?

Then this must be that same problem I’ve encountered! I don’t think you’ve made anything wrong, most likely the installer ate some shit in the process.

Anyways, please download this archive and unpack its contents NEXT to the BBManager.exe on your computer - Make sure there is now a folder ‘audio’ next to BBManager.exe.

Well I’m all out of ideas… Completed as described, no luck. I removed then reinstalled the app, same outcome. It all seems to work apart from actually hearing it! LoL

I guess I’m not completely out of ideas - I rebooted my machine and that did the trick. I’m not sure if I missed a step in the install dialogue, but when Daefecator mentioned a dll file I thought it was probably a good idea to kick the machine in the pants. Worked straight away!

Thanks for the tips and ideas!

Nice to hear you’ve managed to make it work!

I would check if my default audio out is still your Laptop speakers.