Using the pedal for sound source when playing in the Manager?

When I’m editing songs in the Manager, the sound coming from my laptop speakers is very different from when I play the songs in the pedal. Is there any way to have the pedal play the sounds from the manager when it’s connected with a midi cable to the laptop?

I use (good) headphones, that way it sounds about the same

Yeah, but “about” is not good enough. I’ve recorded midi files for a song that sounded ok on the laptop but when I played it at a gig it was a garbage surprise. Why did I pay for a BB midi cable if I can’t use it?

Can you output the laptop audio to the same speakers you play the pedal through? Be sure to turn off any sound processing (such as EQ) that happens in the laptop audio system that could color the sound.

@Terry_Wysocki Are you using the same drumset within the BBManager and the pedal to play the songs in question? There is the “sampling drumset” up on top that is different than the drumset that the song is configured to play.

Can you check this aspect and see if this is related to the issue? Also, what specific version of the BBManager are you using?

If it’s not, send me an email to and we can arrange a phone support session so I can see what is happening on your end in more detail.