Using with Quad Cortex Modeler

Hi. New Beat Buddy user here…very inexperienced with the midi functionality. My goal is to use the sync function with the looper in the Quad Cortex. I have all the necessary cables, but I’m unclear on how to set up the midi communication between the two units. I would like the beat buddy to follow the tempo of my loops as I create them within the Quad Cortex. I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Not sure if you solved your problem, but I am trying to get the cortex and beatbuddy working together and not having much luck.

I have previously got other loopers to work perfectly with the beatbuddy.

In general, you should use the beatbuddy as the source of midi clock for the looper.

Get a midi cable and connect it from midi out on the beatbuddy and midi in on the cortex. Set midi channels and you should find it will sync clock. You can test this with a delay set to sync time and then change the tempo on your beatbuddy.

At that point you have at least got a working connection.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t revisited the issue, but I think I might this week. When you say “set the midi channels” what do you mean? Thanks

Have either of you found a solution to this? I’m having the same issue. I’m also pretty new to midi stuff. My delay syncs just fine but my loop drifts after few rounds of drums. It sounds really good and on time until it doesn’t. Maybe it’s a QC quantize issue?

I’ve come to think that it is a QC quantize issue.

Delays can be set perfectly from midi clock so the QC is obviously receiving midi clock.

I sent a detailed video of the bug to neuraldsp support months ago and although they have acknowledged my email nobody has ever come back to me say what they are going to do.