Using your mouse when working on the computer.

While doing some song editing in my Mac I was playing my guitar to see if things were working out but I’ld have to stop to que a fill or go to the next beat. Then I got the bright idea of putting the curser on the toe tap, setting my wireless mouse on the floor and clicking with my foot while I played the song. Simple but effective. Now I don’t have to stop my rhythm to drop in fills or change parts.

You can also put the keyboard on the floor and tap the “Space Bar” with your toe and it will traverse through the whole song just as though you were pressing on the main BB pedal. I just tried it and it works well that way. It might be more stable than the mouse. You still have to trigger the start with the mouse button with the arrow on the pedal in BB Mgr.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.