Utility to Generate One Press from a (default) song

I’m using some of your default songs for drums. It works really well, until I need to do a lead part where I need to also press two pedals at the same time (the beat buddy being one of them to change parts). Is there a utility or a way to take a song and create a one press out of it?

I am thinking of appending the midi source files (in some cases the same midi source file mulitple times as they are looped) to create one midi source file.
For example, the utility would take a songs’ midi source for the intro, then append the first part 10 times (for 10 loops), then the fill midi source, then the second part 10 times (for 10 loops) and finally the outro fill midi source. I could even enter each midi source file and the number of loops.

Most of us just use a midi editing program, or a digital audio workstation (DAW). Audacity, Logic Pro, Cakewalk, etc.

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I don’t do one press but do edit, add and extend loops on a DAW (I use Reaper) and find Audacity useful too.

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Check out the ‘BeatBuilder’ program that was contributed to the forum. It has a drag-and-drop function to copy a section of a midi file and paste it elsewhere. This makes it possible to copy a loop multiple times quite quickly and would not require a separate DAW. BeatBuilder has some limitations, but I found it really useful.