Valeton VT200LT

I hope I’m posting this in the right place…
Am looking for a little help. I know very little about MIDI but have minimal needs, so hopefully this will be easy.
I just bought a Valeton VT200LT pedal that has MIDI capability. There’s not much about it in the manual. The Valeton has 1/8” TRS MIDI in and out if that helps…
I’d like to be able to start/stop my beat buddy using a foot switch on the Valeton. Would be really nice to also have a foot switch for going to the next part of a drum pattern.
If anyone can throw me a bone on this that would be awesome. Appreciate the Help!!!

You’ll need the midi cable for the bb and a MIDI to 3.5mm TRS cable. This is a cable with on one side a DIN plug and on the other side a 3,5 mm TRS plug. something like this
Or make your own [Updated] How to Make Your Own 3.5mm mini stereo TRS-to-MIDI 5 pin DIN cables -  

Thank you for replying to my post. I’ve read a little more since posting, and it looks like it’s a pretty straight-forward process. I may request a little help as this goes, as long as that’s ok. For now, cable ordered. Appreciate your time looking at this for me.