Varispeed Wheel

Of all the experimental effects possible with a looper, varispeed (aka tape style speed changes including reverse playback) is easily the most important. As an experimental looper I can’t help but envision the volume wheel having an alternate “varispeed” mode that lets us change the speed of the master clock. The varispeed wheel could speed tape up or down, and if you go down far enough, you hit tape stop. If you keep going past tape stop you speed back up in reverse. (Kind of like the speed modifiers in Chase Bliss blooper)

Varispeed could have a few different modes, Smooth, (for pure un quantized tape style speed changes), chromatically quantized speed changes, and maybe 5ths / octaves.

Controlling the master clock alone would be super powerful, because we could make a loop, then change speed, make another loop on top of the altered loop, reverse, make another loop etc. every time we change the master clock it alters everything that came before, as in the traditional canon of experimental looping.

That said, the additional option of changing speed / reversing individual tracks seems like it could be cool too. (But controlling the master clock of the whole looper is really more simple and elegant)

Who’s with me on this?

Sounds interesting. I wouldn’t hold my breath for this. The expression pedal jack direct even function yet.:rofl:

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Me neither. It’s an interesting feature, but an experimental looper is on the fringe of Singular Sound’s target for the Aeros. I know you have hopes that this expensive looper will do everything you want. Loopers have a long tail of features that only a small set of users want (and each user has their own list) , and it’s not like the Aeros has all the basics covered (but getting there with each release).

My guess is forthis use you’ll be happier with may of the more esotetic loopers mentioned here: Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers | The Gear Page

At a technical level, Aeros has yet to provide any ability to change tempo for non artistic, utilitarian needs. There is an inherent compromise here in latency, resources, and quality … especially when preserving pitch. Unless this can be done well, I’d personally prefer Aeros not handle any clock changes on recorded songs … and display some warning no matter what screen I’m on. There’s also a question of the input source for the rate change (e.g., expression) and a external midi clock change or midi CC might be more realistic.