Varying song volume levels?

I’ve read several posts on this topic but nothing lately and no practical resolution for me (and my limited midi abilities!).

I goal is to “normalize” all the songs that I use in my live performances. Currently, I keep my mixer by my side and if a song is too loud, I just turn it down. It works and is only problematic in instances where I ought to be playing instead of making adjustments.

I was wondering if there has been any recent “system changes” that may have addressed this situation.

Thanks for indulging me!

Have a great day!

Count me in - I’m struggling with this for live use as well - a normalise function would be most welcome - please, please, please do consider this for the next BB update!

Wish I could help. I posted about this a couple of months ago and haven’t heard of any progress (and there are other posts going back years on this topic). I tried some “self-help” by purchasing a volume pedal which helps somewhat for live playing (where I can’t use my hands to make adjustments in real time), but doesn’t work particularly well. Unfortunately, the inability to normalize limits my ability to use BeatBuddy for gigging.

It would seem that a normalization function could be easily added to BeatBuddy Manager, and I suspect many BB users would appreciate that.

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