Very Noisey hiss

I’ve touched on this before Im getting alot of noise from my BB when going through PA Im running it straight into PA not through any guitar fx.I’ve tried plugging into separate power board,different SD card, different leads etc . Would it perhaps have anything to do with the fact I have lowered the velocities of the drum kit instruments? I’m at a loss the background static hum is too much ,sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt do it but most times it does …could it be an earthing problem in the house wiring or some such.Looking for help and suggestions.I live in Australia can you recommend where I can get a power adaptor that suits the BB it may be something as simple as a wonky adaptor

p.s I desperately need to find a replacement power adaptor for my BB cant find one anywhere that is for an Australian power point

Probably the same problem I have had for years and finally did something about it.

Haven’t had any problems since that post.

And after reading the posts in your other thread. I always use a different power supply with the beat buddy to other pedals as I find the beatbuddy will cause problems with signal somewhere when daisychained but when I was having problems with the hiss it was nothing to do with the power supply.

If you would like us to test one of your tailored songs or kits, you could share them with the forum.

And If you are looking for a fix that doesn’t involve soldering maybe a bit of sandpaper to the inside of the nut on the mono output to get a good connection between sleeve of 1/4 inch plug and nut and do something to get a good connection between the washer under the nut and the frame of the beatbuddy. Maybe scratch some paint off under the washer or use a saw tooth type washer

Very good article from Strymon:

Hi Stu very interesting ,so when you say some sandpaper to the inside of the nut and forgive my ignorance …but do you mean actually wedging the sand paper between nut and washer?or actually on the inside of the output hole where the lead goes ? . and do you mean scratching a little off the washer on the side that sits on the pedal? sorry if I’ve got that completely wrong.

Good article persist …another thing is I’ve realised i have my USB cable going from the back of my Yamaha mixer into the computer .I do that so I can get a good idea of the sound levels when Im editing kits on the BB manager.When I then put the songs on my pedal and go to play them from pedal straight into PA I still have the USB cable still plugged in …just maybe its a long shot but that could be an issue anyhoo thats something i can check tomorrow as well

How do I go about sharing a kit or song on here Persist? ,that would be good

If you have Dropbox (or Google Drive), just use the BBM to export the song and save the kit as . . . and then put the files in there and post a link here. That will allow others a chance to also test.
The USB has never caused me any problems (knock on wood, I’ve surely jinxed myself by saying it here :confused:) when connecting my laptop to my audio. But you’re right, it’s just another variable to check.

When I say sandpaper in the nut I mean in the hole. Wrap it round a small screwdriver or something. I sometimes do the same thing on my guitar jacks if I am having trouble with the guitar lead playing up in the jack. This may be due to where I live. I am in North Queensland and everything corrodes or rusts up here. Strings don’t last, especially in summer, all the screws on my guitars rust up. Probably don’t get this problem much in less humid places.

And the other one is under the washer to get a good connection between the metal of the pedal itself and the washer. This is most likely where there will be problems as there is paint on the pedal.

The buzzing was driving me crazy as it was manageable early on but kept getting worse. Since I soldered the wire from the sleeve terminal on the output socket and got it connected to the frame my pedal has been faultless.