Very very poor timely support from Singular customer service - is it just me?

A bit of a rant here but also wondering if others are experienced 'lackluster", responsive customer service support. New to the BB and purchased it to use at small gigs. I have yet to be able to use it given all of the “new user experience” issues, bugs, contradicting user instructions etc. When I have reached out to Singular via email or phone I get a response 3-4 days after I reach out (even when website states within 24 hours) and then when they do, it’s only to schedule an online session 3-5 days out. And this is after making it very clear I have a gig I need it for - doesn’t matter, no response. When I have had a session online, I’m left with the impression he is rushed and wants to end the call ASAP. If it wasn’t for the support and quick responses from several Forum members, the BB would be in the bottom of Lake Ontario. Is it just me, am I alone and out to lunch expecting timely support to address issues I’m experiencing or are others experiencing the same? I spent $475 (Canadian) on what has only been a high priced paper weight to date after 6 weeks.

Haven’t had that experience, myself, support (and forum support) has been very, very good for me.

Just curious: Where are you located?


Too bad, I’m in Ottawa, so it’s a long way to go for help. But I have one of the original Kick-starter pedals, and we’ve put over 200 shows on my BB. So if you need a little help and you can’t get to Support, feel free to ping me. Maybe I can help.

Persist and the two Phils are also excellent sources of information…

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My only CS issues the lack of the cable in the Footswitch box and they got back to me same day and the cable made it to Alaska in about a week, free.

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My experience with CS was excellent.Had a small issue with one Premium content folder not extracting correctly.
Jay contacted me promptly and made the adjustments remotely (I am in Ireland).There are not too many companies that would bother.So I give top marks to CS and Jay.

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I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Singular support.

And the forum has been very helpful, too.

Response to my emails has been quick.
Jay sent me a SD card to try and fix my problem.

Turned out to be a power issue, but still, Singular went out of their way to help me. And we’re talking about a unit I bought used.

No complaints here.

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I have one of the kick-starter BB. I have been using it for years, without too much issue. I did “brick” my BB during an firmware upgrade (my mistake with the power) and they sent me clear instructions and links to fix the problem. All good. No issues with CS. Maybe post your challenges on the forum and experienced users can assist.

Appreciate the candid feedback. I’m back on track having had one of the regular forum contributors assist me and address my issue. Thx again for taking the time to respond.

I have always had excellent support from Singular. They go out of their way to help. I am in Toronto.

Good to hear! They (Jay) have really picked up the ball with very good follow-up and attention since I made the post. All is good and back on track!