Victim of Love_Em_16

Song is in Em (so I can sing it). This was a project from the start. MIDI download with flaws and hours of tinkering in REAPER to get the bass part then rejigging the ‘Rock with Bass_MPB’ drum kit I had hybridized (found in my earlier post All Along the Watchtower_Am).

I had initially replaced the bass parts with some of Phil Flood’s work I’ve now changed the drum parts to use the current BB version of Rock kit. The drums are still wet but I think work on some songs in classic rock.

A major part of the project was making the bass part work with a limited ‘palette’. Seemed reasonable on this song so many transposing issues later here it is.


  • The usual one page cheat sheet (so I can easily refer to it during performance on my iPad with UnRealBook). No intro lead tab but shouldn’t be too difficult to make at least a useful improvisation or try the usual sites.
  • Starts right on the pedal start push (Em) chord.
  • Updated ‘Rock_with_Bass_MPB.drm’ included in zip as mentioned above.

I’ve been looking for this and was thinking of creating one! I need to transpose it to original key (Gm) since the band has a female singer. Thank you so much!

I couldn’t find this anywhere so resorted to learning more about REAPER. Let us know if you find any issues in the process. Transposing back down 9 intervals to the original key, even sticking with my re-invented kit, will work since my Em key parks the highest bass note at the extreme top end.

Depending on how you handle lyrics - the cheat sheet can be modified in its pdf form if you have the Adobe works or I can send you the Word doc I use as a working platform.