Video Demo of MIDI Beat command


Could you show the physical connections your using… maybe just some still shots? I see some of them partially but the pic is cut off and I don’t see the back of the controller. I assume the iPad is just going into USB on the back of the controller? It’s hard to understand what you are saying when you describe the connection as you tend to get very soft spoken and speak quickly. :smile: Maybe I listen too slowly?

Thanks for posting this!

Do you think the same can be accomplished with an Akai MPD26? I’m new to MIDI controlling so looking for a solution for live gig playing control from a device on top of my synth. The Akai MPD26 has MIDI out as well as USB. I"m running OnSOng on my iPad. It can control the BB to pull up songs, Tempo change, but is sporadic on sending a crazy 300BPM tempo change to the BB. Can’t rely on it right now.

So looking for a cheap solution for better reliability and control. Thanks!!

BTW I saw you other video first which is what started me on this path. :slight_smile:


The standard midi out of the controller is connected to the input of the Korg plugKey. The plugKey is connected directly to the iPad.

There is a USB out on the controller which can be connected to the iPad using a camera connection Kit.

I use the plugKey to provide the iPad Audio out. The audio is connected to the BeatBuddy in.

The BeatBuddy audio is connected to my amp.

The iPad midi out is provided by the Bluetooth PUC+ , which is connected to the BEATBUDDY MIDI in

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AUM with StreamByter can help withroerratic tempo


Looks like your Akai should be able to work. I presume you can ASSIGN a midi CC TO A PAD.


Well as I am discovering, on the Akai MPD26, I can program the pads for NOTES and PROGRAM CHANGES only. Can’t seem to program them to send CC. I programmed a pad to change to a specific songs (using the Program, MSB and LSB adjustments) just as a test and it was simple enough.

I can program the sliders and knobs (there’s 6 of each) for CONTROL as well as INC/DEC and AFTERTOUCH (whatever that is). I got the BB to start and stop using the sliders (which is a stupid thing to have to do…IMO) and programmed one of the knobs and a slider to control volume… and that’s about it. When I try to program tempo to a knob or slider it jumps erratically. Not sure how to remedy that. So frustrating as it should be fairly simple.

The BB MIDI manual is simple to read and understand, but I seem to be “less than the average bear” when it comes to implementation.

I saw your suggestion of using StreamByter… not sure what to do with it.

Very intriguing, how are connecting the Akai and the BB?


MIDI Cable. I’ve taken the iPad out of the picture for now.

Just downloaded manual


StreamByter is iPad app. Not part of your connection


Tempo is using two controls.

CC106 min 0, max 1

CC107 min 40, max 127


Is that for the NRPN setting for the INC/DEC or a control setting? Knobs and Faders only allows me to set 1 setting. I’m so confused. I need a lobotomy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t explored NRPN bc settings

I’m referring to CC106 to be assigned to one variable control and CC107 to another. Channel 10 for both

CC106 value is 0 to 1 max

CC107 value is 0 to 127

With CC106 of 0 - Tempo minimum is 40, Adjust CC107 for values up to 127.

With CC106 of 1 - Tempo using CC107 is variable from 128 to 256.

The two values are added together.


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CC Number






Bank (Song folder) Select MSB

00 hh



Bank (Song folder) Select LSB

20 hh



Tempo Increment by value - Firmware Update 2.7.0

50 hh



Tempo Decrement by value - Firmware Update 2.7.0

51 hh



Data increment (+1) – INC

60 hh



Data decrement (-1) – DEC

61 hh




62 hh




63 hh



Tempo MSB

6A hh



Tempo LSB

6B hh



Change the Mixer Volume (Main Volume knob)

6C hh



Change the Headphone Volume

6D hh



Triggers an accent hit with a volume from the value 0 (mute) to 100 (original recorded volume) to 127 (amplified more than the original recorded volume)

6E hh



Pause / Unpause the current song

6F hh



Triggers a drum fill

70 hh



Starts song transition. (Selects the next part). 1: Starts transition will jump to Part 1 on exit. 2: Starts transition will jump to Part 2 on exit. 3: Starts transition will jump to Part 3 on exit. 127: Starts transition. will jump to next part on exit. Transition will continue looping until value is changed to 0. It is possible to start a song with a transition. 0. Quits the transition and go to specified part. Previous Part 1

71 hh



Starts the playback of the current song

72 hh



Triggers the outro of the song

73 hh



Selects a specific drumset

74 hh


Not used

Enters Tap Tempo mode and generate Tap Event



@Reathpd What am I looking at?

Summary of midi commands for the BeatBuddy.


Should be in table format. Not sure if this email process supports a spreadsheet table.


I was thinking it probably came from a table or SS. I have the MIDI manual for the BB but a list would be better. My email is if you want to email it in it’s table or SS format. Thank you!

If you have a spreadsheet or Word table, just zip the file and upload it to your post.