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I feel a bit of a nuisance keep asking questions on here as to how to do this or that, I am firstly a guitar player and seem to spend so much time trying to figure out how to use the software, I am from a age where computers were never in our school and therefore do seem alien to me apart from my iPad.

I think it would be a great assist for many users of the BeatBuddy If the company could just spend a couple of days talking through each seperate procedure with a video camera in front of the computer and upload to YouTube however basic it may seem, this would save me many hours of frustration and allow me to concentrate with my guitar playing and using the BeatBuddy to it best,



We have the Psalm40 videos which are good. BB takes considerable effort. But so do other drum machines.


Thanks for the reply, my thoughts are for this product to be really successful and I hope it is ! The item has to be user friendly both the pedal itself which I think is straight out of the box but the software needs to be easily useable for people of all walks of life, and not assume we all all tech type people, hence whilst the software is in it’s early days we need a helping hand which in turn will encourage us to spread the good word about this product and hence more sales.

A couple of days sat in front of a PC with a video camera by the BeatBuddy team would in my opinion be a massive step forward and it is not really up to forum users to do this for the company,


The BeatBuddy team made videos during the crowd funding campain and there were meant to be more artist demos, however it takes time doing a good quality video and with the software changing and improving all the time it may not be constructive. Instead all the announcements have detailed written instructions on on how to do various things and there is even a drumset maker manual. Most of the info is here, the problem is knowing how to find it. The issue where it gets complicated is when creating or using other beats as other software is involved and the BeatBuddy is not a GM drum module so it has limitations on its sound set.

@Martyn What specific topics would you like to see more tutorial videos on? We are always open to feedback.

Hi BB support,

To be honest I seem to be okay at present, I got a lot of help from some of the many questions posted on here by me and got through some of the video’s posted by other forum members, we have our first gig next Thursday using the BeatBuddy and have just had a rehearsal for the first time again with the BeatBuddy and it certainly fills our sound out and will hopefully encourage much foot tappin from the audience.

Basically I think you need to assume that however basic something may appear to a generation bought up with computers I am one of the many frustrated types who spends hours trying to do the simplest tasks and any “how to and talk through video guides” that the company can produce with clear headings as to what each video explains will be a massive confidence to those looking to buy a BeatBuddy with limited knowledge of software,

Good luck and keep working on making this a world beating product,