Vintage drum download

Can anyone please advise me. i purchased the vintage kit but find i can’t transfer it to the B/buddy manager. i have watched the tutorial which says to use the PBF file only. i am using a mac book pro, and can’t see any PBF file in the downloaded file. i was able to transfer Ballad beats ok as this was in PBF form after download, but vintage kit and Vol 1 classic hits are not…

You should have a .drm file not a .pbf file. PBF files are folders of songs. DRM is a drum kit. If you have a DRM, go to File>Import>Drumset and navigate to your downloaded Vintage Drum set folder. Select the DRM, and it should get added to your Drum Set list (at the bottom). As I recall, you then click on it, in the list, to make it active.

Vol 1 Classic hits should have a PBF, I believe. I just checked with the VOL 1 Most Popular Cover songs, that I purchase sometime back, and it has a PBF.

ok let me check that out, thank you

Phil, when i try to sync, it always says to applications on my mac, is this why i can’t get the content onto my pedal! and if so how do i change that?

Ok. Let go through thus. 1. You have Beat Buddy Manager installed on your Mac. 2. You’ve upgraded to 1.64 or higher from the Beat Buddy download page. 3. You have firmware 1.8.5 of higher installed on the Beat Buddy. 4. When you started Beat Buddy Manager, you were prompted to insert your SD card. You were also asked to make a BBWorkspace folder on your hard drive.

If yòu did all that, when you Save Project in Beat Buddy Manager, your BBWorkspace us updated. To synchronize, you would insert your SD card, and then select Synchronize Project, and Beat Buddy Manager will write the project in BBWorkspace to the card.

Phil, thanks for all your help.i decided today to return beat buddy to dealer, as i discovered early this morning lol, programming is not for me, i had purchased the vintage kit, and two volumes of songs to use, but i could not this to work with the B/buddy. my idea was to use this in my live work, but i realise it will not work for me. cheers anyway for your help …

Once you figure it out, it’s not that hard to use but on the other hand, if it doesn’t fit and you don’t have the time or patience, it’s gotta go. Do keep in mind that Support is more than happy to provide phone or remote help to get you up and running.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

too bad 6SE … It’s the best drum on the market. imo
took me awhile also, but it’s awesome :wink:
the forum contributions are also top notch interactive .