Vintage Ludwig Kick as "Accent"

I am using the Vintage Ludwig Kit exclusively for one of the Projects I play in.

I usually program the Footswitch 2 to play an “accent”, usually a Splash Cymbal. I want to use the Kick Drum as the accent in some of the songs, so I can get a 4-on-the-floor or a simple Kick-on-one while the Pedal is paused…

How do I extract the Kick only from the Vintage Ludwig Kit so I can use it as a WAV file for the “accent”. Is the Kick beat already sampled somewhere as a WAV file?

Thanks for any help on this!


Have a look at this thread where some time ago @Daef answered the question.

If you want a midi file you can try looking in beats as @shawno814 uploaded a simple kick beat some time ago or use the metronome beat and change the midi note to a kick drum and trigger it using the vintage kit - lastly you could get the Elements beats from the premium content library and trigger the vintage kit from those.

Thank you PS40!

After trying these suggestions, I realize that what I need is the WAV file (not MIDI and not SNG) of the Kick Drum from the Vintage Ludwig Kit Where can I get that?

The answer is in Daef’s post on the link I provided above. It is quite lengthy so I won’t repeat it here.

Thank you - I read the “long complicated” post by Daef and I believe there is a “less complicated” solution besides extracting the WAV file from a Kit.

I have already been loading Kick Beat WAV files into the Accent Block in BB Mgr. These are Kick beat WAV files that other Forum Members have provided. The problem is that they do not match the tone, velocity and loudness the the Kick in the Vintage Ludwig Kit.

I bought the Vintage Ludwig Kit. I should be able to download a WAV file of the Kick Drum somewhere.

Anybody else know where I can obtain it?

I think im missing something - If you have the Vintage Ludwig Kit cant you go in BBmanager to the Drum set Tab click that kit and browse the location of that kits kick drum wavs. Once you found the location you can then just copy the wav file from that location ?

Thx for the reply jstrauss! I have gone into the drumset in BBmgr and tried to copy one of the Kick files, but the “copy” command is greyed out. If I hit “browse” it takes me to the Ludwig Vintage Kit which is also greyed out.

I think you have to go though your drive directly then to the folder . Its possible the properties of that folder is mark read only but you should be able to uncheck that and apply to all sub folders . Hope that makes sense

I need a WAV file of the Vintage Ludwig Kit.

I realize there is probably a simple solution, but I can not figure it out.

I asked in the “Technical Support” Forum where I could get “a WAV file of the Kickdrum from the Vintage Ludwig Kit” and received this answer:

[SIZE=4]Your thread Need WAV files for Vintage Ludwig Kit was deleted. Reason: This thread is spam; since you already have a thread in General Discussion. Please append your request to the existing thread. Posters in that thread have already come up with the method to achieve what you’re looking for.[/SIZE]

So, in an effort to follow the rules, allow me to “append” my request: Where can I get a WAV file of the Kickdrum from the Vintage Ludwig Kit?

ALSO, I appreciate the suggestions I have received and have attempted to use them but I still do not have a WAV file of the Kickdrum.

I have downloaded Kick drum beats from other Forum Members, but they do not trigger the Vintage Ludwig Kick.

I can not follow Daefs “Extraction Method” because his instructions are for a Windows OS and I am running Mac.

I tried opening the Drumsets Tab in the Project Explorer section of BBmgr and can NOT copy or extract the wav files from there.

The only suggestion I have not attempted is to “get the Elements beats from the premium content library and trigger the vintage kit from those”. I have already purchased the Vintage Ludwig Kit, why should I have to purchase something else?


You don’t . if you bought the vintage kit then those kick drum wavs are already in your computer. I bought the kit and I see a whole folder of different ways for the kick drum with in the vintage kit folder. Unfortunately I’m not sure why you can not get to them?

This may or may not help you. I have a folder but I’m not sure if beatbuddy manager put it there or if I did something with it long ago. It is in MyPC>Documents. In there I have a folder Singular Sound>Beatbuddy Manager>user_lib>wave_sources and in there are the wav sources for the drumkits I have created and saved. So when I made a copy of the Rock Drumkit, Added bass to it and saved it, the wav’s for all the instruments are in there.

Try doing a search of your computer for wave_sources

Thanks for the reply Guitar Stu!

Yes, I have a Wav Source Folder. The Vintage Ludwig Kit is there, but it is a DRM file.

I’m not sure how to extract the WAV samples from the DRM file

jstrauss thanks!

The Folder on has one file in it; a DRM file I even unzipped the orig download again to see if anything else would show up. No love…

I have a couple of different wave_source folders so I would check for other locations you might have a wave_source folder and maybe try saving the kit even with a different name in Beatbuddy Manager. None of the original or imported kits show up at the location I gave you.

I don’t have a Mac so don’t know the procedure for that, in Daef’s post he mentioned that the wav files are stored in the the temp directory of a Windows PC. AFAIK this has not changed in newer versions of the software. @Norbert[/USER] (i think) extracted the wav’s from most of the stock kits and uploaded them to the samples area, [USER=389]@CharlesSpencer grapped them and made a sound font to use with Beatbuilder - before that it just used the general midi sounds from the computer it was running on.
So this is the only way that I know of that you can grab the wav files from a specific kit and I have never done it myself.
The suggestion of using the elements beats was only to get a kick drum only midi pattern (if you didn’t want to create your own or use someone else’s).

From my Mac, I’m able to view the wave_source folders. As I browse through all of the sub-folders, I see what I believe are some identifiers in the Kick_Drum folders: LUK (for Ludwig Kit?) and three other folders that probably identify the velocities or volumes of the wav file.
I have no idea if this is what you’re looking for; I think you mentioned something about being able to change velocities. I zipped and attached a wav file from each of the 3 velocities.

@persist - Thx so much! Not sure why I do not have the same Source WAV files as in your pic. I did download the attched file and they sound pretty close to the VLK Midi Beats AND the velocities are perfect!