Virtual Machine in BB Manager plays wrong tempo

Has anyone else encountered this? When I go to create a new beat with samples from default folders, the playback tempo in the virtual machine is always the original. Even though I’ve saved the song with a new title and tempo.
I.e. I export the beats from Swung and Shuffle, (let say Shuffle 5), then I import it into my designated gig folder, change the name and the default tempo, save it, but when I go to try it out on the virtual machine the tempo default is that of the original file. However, it plays fine in the BeatBuddy itself.

when you say virtual machine are you referring to the BB Manager?

Yep, the BB manager

Check the Default Tempo in the MIDI editor with in BBM for the Beat / Song Part that has the issue. should be set to Song Default

Sorry for my ignorant questions here :slight_smile: But how do I even get that MIDI editor to show up? All the links under MIDI editor on my BBM are faded, can’t click on anything.

what version do you have

@RayESQ I’m on a Mac. To get the editor open, I go into a song in BBM, and right click on one of the song parts. That opens up a menu window, which has a number of choices. One of those is Edit. If I select Edit, the built in Midi Editor appears. And, it may take several moments. I have a 12-core Mac Pro, and it is anything but instantaneous.

It says

Oh, I got it! Yes, the right click worked for me too! Thank you so much @Phil Flood[/USER] and [USER=7144]@jstrausss !!!