Visual Metronome - External Option

Does anyone use or know of a visual metronome that can be displayed on a computer (MacOS) or Ipad?

The visual metronome on the beatbuddy is fairly small and usually at your feet - would be great to be able to leverage the midi out of the beatbuddy to display the tempo in other ways…

Anyone have options?


Quantiloop duplicates BeatBuddy’s visual metronome, once it is in sync.

Also, I’m pretty sure there was a hardware hack to connect an external display to BeatBuddy posted on this forum, but I can’t find it right now.

Thanks Dan - I didn’t think of Quantiloop - that is a good idea.
I couldn’t find anything related to a hardware external display in my searches - do you or anyone have more details on this potential option?

I think there are a number of apps that will do it. Bandhelper has a way of doing it if you use that. I see there is also an app on the apple App Store called MidiMetro. In terms of physical devices I also read here on the forum someone using a pulse watch device…