Voice live 3 and footswitch

Not too sure if this is the right section to post in but here goes.

I don’t own a beatbuddy (yet) but it’s top of my list. However I’m curious if the the VL3 (I have an extreme if it matters) can send midi to the BB via my switch 6?

Since the BB can communicate via cc, Wondering if anyone has tried to utilise their vl3 board to send midi commands from either the main unit or footswitch?

I tried this before and it did not work for me. The reason is because the MIDI implementation on VL3 and BB are different and can’t be customized. VL3 CC messages need to be translated (remap) to BB CC messages to work. Since I use OnSong app on iPad to load song on BB and preset on VL3, I was going to use MIDIFlow app on iPad to translate CC messages between BB and VL3, but it just complicates things with my already completed setup. Also, I am running out of available foot switches on VL3 (I use the main foot switches for looper, Switch 6 to change vocal/guitar effects and scroll down chords/lyrics on OnSong) that I may need another foot switch pedal (preferably Bluetooth) to control BB.

Thanks fled.

Since I’m on windows 10 using power music pro I guess I’ll have to find a MIDI program that can send out individually.
Hoping to at least be able to use 2 pedals on the switch 6 to act as the BB foot switch?

Tangent question. Can onsong handle existing sheet music on PDF/PNG?

OnSong supports PDF and PNG file formats, more information here, OnSong Manual.

I remember years ago when I was looking for a MIDI translator app for Windows platform and this app came up, Bome MIDI Translator. You may want to check it out.