Voicelive 2 gtx vs BB

hi, can the voicelive 2 gtx synchronise with BB?
Thank you!

thats my question too!
Im switching with my app setlistmaker the songs and the app is switching the voicelive play gtx to the right preset via midi. Now im looking for a way to do the same with the beatbuddy via midi.

Are there any peoples that realized it already?


If this voicelive 2 gtx has MIDI In (or Out) it will be able to synchronize the tempo with the BeatBuddy.
You won’t be able to change BeatBuddy songs or do any other fancy logic currently. This may get changed in the future, though.

which tempo from the vlpgtx?


No idea. I didn’t spend more than 15 seconds to briefly check product description in the internet.
Treat this answer more as a generic one, that is applicable to every MIDI-enabled device.

okay i have a vlpgtx. There is a looper built in but i couldnt find anything to synchronize the looper.


Just connect BeatBuddy MIDI Out to your omgwtf (or vlpgtx, or whatever) MIDI In and see what happens.

vlpgtx = VoiceLive Play GTX