Voicelive play gtx sync to beatbuddy

hi everyone
I’m new at beatbuddy and I have been using my voicelive play gtx for awhile now
I have been trying to figure out how can I sync both of them. I have the midi sync cable and the normal midi cable.
Can anyone please help me how to do this?

Thanks in advance

[]Make sure the firmware is up to date on both pedals.
]Make sure that the MIDI cables are correctly connected.
[]Some VL/BB users have posted their experience on syncing MIDI for both pedals. You can search this forum using “Voicelive”
]On the BB settings, experiment with MIDI Sync Enable or disable to see if that helps. Most of the VL users have reported that it takes more tweaking on the VL side.

hi persist thank you for your response. i got all the updated firmware update on both pedals and all the midi cables connected are all in tact yet still not working.
i tried searching on other forums about this but they cannot answer the problem as well.

From what I’ve read, I’m not sure that you can sync MIDI on the VL Play GTX as the MIDI capabilities appear to be limited. I tried to download the user manual from TC-Helicon, but their site was off-line this morning.

What I did find is that
MIDI Program Change and CC’s are as follows:
Patch Change - General Program Change
Set Key - 30 (1E in hex)
Set Scale - 31 (1F in hex)
HIT Off/On - 28 (1C in hex) (0-63/64-127 for toggle)
TALK Off/On - 114 (72 in hex) (0-63/64-127 for toggle)

Only settings I can suggest to try is to
[]Set your GTX to channel 10
]Set your GTX filter to None
[]Set your GTX MIDI Control to MIDI Setting
]On your BB, Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI-Out > Sync: try it with either Enable or Disable to see if either works
Hopefully (I know, what a methodology, right?) someone with a VLP GTX that has things working with their BB can help you more than I’ve been able to . . . .

hi persist thank you for your response unfortunately still not working and i have tried everything already…

thank you for your help