Volume changing by itself - Knob not working properly - Electronic Noise and clicks


My pedal has been acting weird lately, the volume keeps moving 1-5% randomly going up and down rapidly. It is almost unnoticeable while playing but I think it shouldn’t be happening.

It started happening about a month ago, but then it stopped and the volume remained stable, but the issue reappeared last week and also now there is noise in the signal, like electronic noise, and I can even hear clicks in the speaker when I press the foot-switches. I didn’t change anything in my setup, no different cables, no different connections, I use the separate power supply for each pedal in my pedalboard and I already verified and the noise does come from the BeatBuddy.

Finally, when I turn the volume knob all the way down, the volume does not go to 0%, it remains in about 12% and when I turn it all the way up it does not go higher than 80%.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Thanks a lot.

Make sure the volume knob is on tight. Try the headphone jack and see if it’s clean or making noise as well. You can also try swapping out patch/connecto cables one at a time. Copy the f/w update files to the SD card. If this does not work, try a new SD card. If this still doesn’t work, contact support@singularsound.com and share the link to this thread.


I had no luck updating the firmware and I also tried a different SD card and it still shifts the volume randomly:

Here are some videos that I shoot, sorry about the background noise, I was in the middle of the living room with my kids around:

It actually shifts more rapidly when I am playing than in these videos.
I will contact support.

Thank you!

This ever get sorted mate?

I’m between sets at a gig atm, and my pedal doing he same thing with volume.

Mine is midi sync to infinity looper.

is there a way to calibrate the pots on the pedal like you want with some guitar fx processors for the volume pedal? i not that would be a good thing to add in a f/w update


Make sure your MIDI patch and BB MIDI adaptor cable are good.

Assuming you’ve done everything else as suggested in post #2, recommend you contact Support as that’s probably how mcanoreagan got his problem fixed.

Hi Trent,

Sorry for the late response - I actually had to reach out to Support to solve this, as persist deducted.
They were very helpful in this matter and the issue was fixed in less than a week. I’d suggest you to send them an email.