Volume control not functioning or works intermittently


Anyone else experiencing a problem with this?


What kind of a problem do you have? Which volume control do you believe doesn’t work properly - headphones volume, or main volume?
I am definitely sure my unit volume is fine and I never heard of anyone having issues like that.


Main volume non-functioning. I just tried downloading to a new SD card, loaded ok, but it’s not being recognized in the unit now. When I first plugged it in, it worked intermittently, but now it has stopped working altogether.


This is indeed really strange. So, you say you have main volume completely not working and also a newly downloaded SD card content is not recognized at all? What does the screen says when this happens.

You should better ask our support team directly at contact@mybeatbuddy.com, but currently guys are having too much work. If you could make a short video to visually show the problem I could try diagnose your problem. There is always a chance that simple measures will help resurrect your unit!


Does it say ‘no license’? Please email us at support@mybeatbuddy.com