Volume drop issue maybe resolved!

Need to test more. but it seem that I don’t have this issue anymore
I got it a lot of time before and it works on my nerves
I suspecting this new “calibrate pedal” function
I don’t a have a specific pedal for this and decide to put the Beatbuddy footswitch on it
Before to put the jack , I launch the pedal calibration icon
I put the jack and saw the number changing,
It was on 1
And changing into 0
I did a calibration with pressing the switches and confirm
No drop anymore at this moment
But need to be tested more
Today I played a whole afternoon, an no any volume drop
Normaly with the same time play I would get it 5 time for sure , maybe more

That would make sense.

Would be better to have a disable switch for the expression pedal (or the ability to assign some other function to it).

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Agree with you

Here are some ideas for ways to use the expression pedal:

  • Control the dry output level (live, not recorded) and boost it slightly (or lower it) via the expression pedal. This would be a great feature even if it wasn’t directly accessible via expression scroll wheel.

  • Have the scroll wheel to bring up and to control the play/stop menu and the expression be for volume control (or vice versa). Simply moving the scroll wheel will bring up the aux menu. No need to press hold the left button. This might be a bit faster/easier than tap dancing from button hold to scroll wheel.

I play a lot and no volume drop anymore. I think it’s fixed for me.
look at the first post what I did to fix it

I forgot to say. i put the BB in midi trhu too

Jesus !
I got one volume drop, but the beatbuddy was set to “midi merge”
It’s not reccurent anymore
I set the beatbuddy back to “Midi thru” to test it more

Thanks NYHC!

I’ve been watching you test and using your fixes/settings. I appreciate your time in testing and sharing and videos.

I have an actual (supercheap, POS) expression pedal that works well enough on the Midi Maestro (except for when it sometimes seems to get stuck between numbers and flitter between the two), so I used it for the Aeros calibration, and then unplugged it. It’s been working just fine.

I was really hoping you had the fix. Go Go Midi-Thru!

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Damn I got, just one drop today with the BB on thru
Gonna wait for the fix like Brennan say

Yeah, mine has still been dropping too.

It’s easy enough to fix now, but the first couple of times I was like “W T Everlovin’ F?!?” Now it’s just an annoyance.

I bought another cheap expression pedal just for the Aeros but my other one jitters around between numbers just a little too much. It makes the BeatBuddy look like it’s on one beer sobriety.

I think the coding around expression pedals is just wonky in general. Hope they get this fixed soon.

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