Volume fader/boost for aux out

Went to use the Aeros with headphones last night out of the Aux jack… it was so quiet, it was barely usable, even with the vol all the way up and a boost on everything going into it.

It’d be great to have a fader in the settings to adjust AUX out volume, and also have it so it can give a bit more headroom than the main outs. When we use headphones, we’re likely not going out of our amps, we’re going out of the board in most cases.

Hello, this is because headphones require a headphone amp which the Aeros does not have physically and it cannot be reproduced digitally.

You can however buy a headphone amp and connect it between your headphones and the Aeros, this will do the trick. You can also use a BeatBuddy which in some ways is a headphone amp.

We apologize for any inconvenience