Volume fluctuations during a song

i have an issue where the volume varies upon & down 4 to 5% during a song & regularly goes to 0% so no volume at all rendering the unit pretty well unusable, any suggestions?

Update your firmware and this issue will go away: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-firmware-update-control-how-drunk-your-beatbuddy-gets-and-more-version-1-85.5702/

Hi thanks for reply, the firmware version says 1.8.5. I know I also had another reply from you re this.

I downloaded the firmware from your link again & the issue remains. The volume maximum is now 70%… But it flickers up & down and even drops to 0%.

Will help if I upload video of this?

New issue looks that it it is very hard to change drum kits…it defaults to blues even when I change to rock & enter the blues beats all come up.