Volume in line level and dynamic

I have a recurrent problem of clipping. Aeros is set to line level, at the end of a pedalboard with Overdrives, Amp Modeler, H9, reverbs… Even if i try to keep everything at unity level, i have some horrible digital clipping because i try to keep lots of dynamic, wich is a good idea when overdubing things :wink: I don’t have these clipping when i go from my last reverb to my soundcard, without the Loop Studio.
Is it possible to add a volume IN setting, or a gain setting in the general settings of the unit, to prevent clipping ?

Hey there!

We already are planning on looking into this and we should have more news soon

This was technically already requested:

Please forward any thoughts to this thread, I will for this reason close this thread and tag as #duplicate

Thanks for the request!