Click level and Input level on Mixer screen

Would be really useful having the click level to mute or turn up/down during a performance… and also being able to control the input level…
All through the mixer screen


Definitely would be nice to control the input level especially if this can essentially pad the input to avoid clipping.

Suspect this may need to done after the input stage and will turn into a volume adjustment for the input/passthrough sound

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I have a recurrent problem of clipping. Aeros is set to line level, at the end of a pedalboard with Overdrives, Amp Modeler, H9, reverbs… Even if i try to keep everything at unity level, i have some horrible digital clipping because i try to keep lots of dynamic, wich is a good idea when overdubing things :wink: I don’t have these clipping when i go from my last reverb to my soundcard, without the Loop Studio.
Adding a volume IN setting, or a gain setting in the general settings of the unit, to prevent clipping could be so usefull !