Volume individual drum instruments

Hi, I’m new tot this forum. And not yet experienced with the bb.
What is the most easy way to change the volume of the individual instruments when playing the bb?

The easiest way might be to use a volume pedal connected to your BB pedal.

Other methods are more complex.

I use a volume pedal and a mini boost pedal which I use as an attenuator to reduce the volume by a few dBs with just one press. I sometimes found it hard to fiddle around to find the right volume with the pedal while performing a song.

Actually I mean the volume of the separated drum instruments. For instance: what is an easy way to change the volume of a snare or kick in a drum-pattern?

You can search the forum and find out what users recommend: https://forum.singularsound.com/search?q=Drum%20volume%20

There are no easy ways. There are two methods that I would use.

  1. Make a copy of the entire drumkit. Rename the kit. Adjust the volume of the pieces that would want to adjust within that drumkit. Then save the drumkit. I have a tutorial on renaming and editing a drumkit.
  1. The other method is to open the individual midi file that make up the song in a DAW, and then adjust the velocities (not the volumes), of the drums that you want to change. BB does not respond to midi volume, but it does respond to velocity.
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Thanks Phil! That will do it.

I’ve tried some editing with BB Manager, and also downloaded many songs and some extra sounds onto the SD card.

The problem is that absolutely none of the new material is recognised by Beat Buddy - not even a single item, as far as I can see. So can’t tell if any of the editing has been effective, for example. Any clue as to why? There’s certainly sufficient space on the SD card.

Are you trying to add sounds directly to the SD card?

Hi - yes, my brother was keen on adding songs if possible - there are none at the moment. I picked up some of the free additional sounds to try.

I appreciate that some of the songs downloaded may require purchased kits - I’m sure that might be a possibility if any of the new material on the SD card could be recognised.

The primary issue would be that songs, sounds, drum kits, etc., should not be added directly to the SD card. Everything is done through Beat Buddy Manager (BBM). Once you have BBM installed on your computer, you then use the File>Import>Song command to add songs file to BBM. Song files have a .sng tag. Drum kits are imported using File>Import>Drum Set. Those have a .drm tag. Some users have posted entires folder of songs, which may contain up to 99 songs. Those have a .pbf tag (not .pdf). To add those to BB Manager, you use File>Import>Folder.

Once you have songs up and running in BB Manager, is you want to add an accent hit to a song, you can do that within the song in BB Manager. Those sounds need to be wav files, 16 or 24 bit, 44.1khz. To add one of those, click on the box with the ellipsis inside Accent Hit within a song, and then navigate to the sound wav file that you wish to add.

After you have you stuff in BBM, Save the Project. Then, you will will need to Synchronize the Project to the SD card. (File>Synchronize) If the Synchronize option is greyed out, you will need to use File>Export>Project to SD Card. Be patient, as it will take several minutes. Once your project is synchronized, you can eject the SD card from the computer and insert it into your BB Pedal, and your stuff should be there.

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