Volume level

The last few times that I’ve posted up the BeatBuddy, the display (and sound level) is showing volume at 55/56% even though the physical volume knob is cranked all the way up.

Did this get solved? I have the same issue except it’s 85/86%. Every once in a while it will show 100% but if I turn it down and then back up it will not go over 85%.

This sounds like a physical issue, but one that possibly may be able to be solved. If the cause is that the cap on the main volume control was originally screwed on wrong (rare, but it could happen), you should unscrew the the cap with a hex key (the smallest size I believe) and then adjust the volume control accordingly before putting it back on. If this fixes it, great problem solved! If not, email me at support@singularsound.com and I will provide instructions on sending it back.