Volume Low out of L/R jacks

So, the only posts I found on this topic were from 2016, and one implied my unit is defective? I have the BB connected via patch cable to behringer kxd12. I have the volume knob at maximum, the input knob on the amp at maximum, and the BB is still quickly drowned out by the guitar at less than 25% input volume. I’m using the latest firmware.

I have tried 3 different patch cables, at different lengths, and they all seem to have the problem. I have tried different inputs on the amplifier. Same issue. It seems to be a BB issue.

Thank you.

Some things to check before you contact Support support@singularsound.com

  • Patch cables are mono (TS) and not TRS
  • That the power supply is the one that came with the pedal and that the jack is fully seated
  • Use a patch cable from the headphones output jack to the amp
  • Try a different amplifier (PA or keyboard amp)
  • Reload the firmware

Hello. Thank you for the reply!

I have tried options 1, 2, and 5. For option 3, I’ll need to buy an adapter that converts the 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono outs, which I’d rather not do. It shouldn’t be “standard” that I would have to buy an additional part to make the device work as expected.

For option 4, I’d need to buy a whole new amp or PA, also something I cannot do.

Next steps? Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • Are you using a preamp or other gain device with the guitar going into the amp?
  • Where is the Master Level on the amp set?
  • Can you set the amp input gain for the BB to about 2-3 o’clock and then set the Master Level for a good volume and then bring up the gain for the guitar to where you want? If there is a guitar preamp/gain device you may have to back that off to have some adjustability on the amps input gain. The idea is to have a happy balance of gain structure for each of the inputs and the Master controls the overall volume for both.

Please don’t misunderstand what I’ve suggested. I’ve merely offered you a set of steps for troubleshooting. If you have access to a 1/8" patch cable and adaptor or a PA or another amp, you can use those to eliminate either the pedal, cables, or your amplifier as factors contributing to your lack of volume. If you don’t have those items, you’ll just have to find other options such as what MarkF48 has suggested.

Some additional details on your part are always helpful for those of us that are trying to help you from afar.

  • What kind of amplifier are you plugging into electric or acoustic?
  • Are you plugging into the line input in back of the amp or into the front panel? Does the line input have a volume or gain pot?

If none of these steps pan out, and if you have 1/4" jack (Left output) or 1/8" headphones, you can try using those to test the output from the pedal to see how the volume knob or wheel affects the level of volume. Be careful not to damage your hearing as you use the headphones.

Another option is to clean the Left and Right output jacks with a little bit of compressed air or Q-tips moistened in isopropyl alcohol.

And finally, if none of these suggestions resolve your problem, probably nothing left to do except to contact Support. Good luck.

He has a keyboard amp …
I would only use one TS cable from L(mono) out of the BB to a L(Mono) Line in on the amp.

Hi All,
I was able to get a decent level of volume yesterday. The only real problem now is I’m not sure which of these 4 things actually helped, because I did them at the same time. I:

  1. reformatted SD card
  2. reinstalled firmware
  3. switched to 1-spot power supply (NOT the BB supply)
  4. swapped out my new TS cable for an old one.

Suddenly, I was getting decent sound.

I went back to the BB power supply, and things were fine. I went back to my newer TS cable, and things were also fine.

I just wanted to update you and thank you all for your help!