Volume of drums

How do you increase the volume of individual drum parts? Like in Blues 1 how do I change the volume of the hi-hat?

Click the drums tab, double click your drum set, Find Hi-Hats which are 42, 44 and 46. Click the title and a window comes up where you can adjust the volume. However there is very little room to move Hi-Hat volume up. So you probably have to lower the volume on all the other drums.

Or in your favorite free MIDI editor, select those Hi-Hat events and increase the velocity.

How is that done in your favorite free MIDI editor, select those Hi-Hat events and increase the velocity?

Yes - if it is a specific kit then edit the hihat volume if a specific song then edit the midi velocity of the hihat using a midi editor.

I don’t get it. I am not so computer savvy.

What don’t you get? The problem is understanding how the manager software works, but there is information and people here willing to help. I’m currently working on a tutorial around the drum kits - unfortunately editing midi is specific to the software used so can only talk via theory however I touch on creating a new song in my 2nd tutorial video.

I’ll wait for the tutorial on the drum kits. Thanks.

Mike - think of it this way. If you edit a kit - EVERY song that uses that kit will be affected by the change you made. Your OP asked about Blues 1 - which is not a kit, but rather a song/rhythm. If that’s the only song you want to change, then the midi file that triggers that hi hat has to be changed.

Editing the drum kit is like turning up the volume on the PA on the hi hat mic - every time it’s hit, it’ll be louder than it was.

Editing the song midi trigger that ‘hits’ the hi hat - will only affect how hard the hi hat is hit on that song.

Hopefully I didn’t muddy the water.

If you’re a systems guy - drum kit settings are global and midi files (songs) are local.

Thanks Mark. I’m catching on. Nice P Bass in your picture. I use to have one but I sold it…stupid move.

How do you know which velocity to increase? There are so many for one thing like kick drum has 15 velocitys.

It depends on what you are trying to do. Each instrument has it’s own settable volume I would just make changes there - this will increase or decrease the volume accross all the samples in an instrument. You could also change the verlocity range that triggers a specific sample but that would change the dynamics of the BB.

When I edit velocities, I click on each event (beat) and change the velocity manually. Typically, there isn’t more than two or three bars that the loops are built with. That way I can still create more of a human effect by making sure that they aren’t all the exact same velocity. With that being said, if there are more than a few bars it may take you a some time to do it. Most of the beats I create I only use loops that are 1 or 2 bars long unless of course I have to create 1 sound in the loop that doesn’t occur too often.

My MIDI editor allows select all and pull down the velocity of all keeping the velocity differences intact.

Hello Pineears,
Can you tell me what Midi Editor you are using?
Sounds like just what I need.

Midi editor 2.5. Free. I print out beat buddy drum list to tape on left side of pc over the piano keys.

Thank you. Does exactly what I needed.

One easy way to. Increase high frequencies ( hi-hat = 10 000 -12 000 Hz) in Mixer BBM input or in main amplifier.