Volume of songs and pedal stomp to start


I’ve set up about 56 songs and when running through them in rehearsal we’ve notice that some are significantly louder than others, which requires lowering the volume, in some cases, from, say 80% down to 55%. I guess there’s no gating going on in the software(?) I don’t think this is controllable when creating the song in the same way tempo is controllable(?). Anyone else notice this?

Also have realized that when starting a song, the trigger is actually the RELEASE of the pedal, rather than the STOPM on the pedal. This is a bit troublesome b/c even with a super-quick stomp, the beat will start a fraction of a second later than you want it too. You could hold down the pedal and release it at the precise moment, but if you hold it down for more than a couple of seconds, it switches to the TAP mode. Any way around this or was it set up like this for a specific reason?



In the most recent firmware there is an option in pedal Main Menu (press both Tempo and Drum Set knobs at the same time) - you can set the trigger either on the press or the release of the pedal.

I don’t have anything useful to comment on the song volume.


You can make another drum set where you have lowered the volume of each drum in that set. Then use this set on the loud songs.


THANK YOU GUYS. I’ll check out those tips…


I wonder if there’s anyway that the output could be “gated” through the pedal software in the future.


So do you want to be able to completely mute the BB sound whenever the output volume is lower than a threshold?