Volume Screen Keeps Popping Up!

I’m wondering if anyone else has been having this issue. I remove my SD card to update it from the software manager and when I insert it back into the BB, I get the volume menu pop up. If I remove the card again and quickly re-insert it, most of the time the BB seems to function normally. Problem is that sometimes you start playing a song and the volume menu pops up again and seems to flicker through volume percentages which blocks out the ability to watch the counting measure of the song… which in turn throws off some of the fills if they are pressed at the wrong time. Is this a glitch that can be fixed?

My pedal does the same thing, while I am playing a song the H-P volume pops up even though I am not using it. PISSING me off. I hope I don`t need to pay $95.00 to ship it back for repair !!!

To save your $$$, there is actually a pretty easy fix - take screwdriver, carefully open BeatBuddy and make sure Headphones Volume plastic disk is ok. I’ve had similar problem like once or twice, when I noticed my little screw that holds plastic disk was twisted too tightly. Loosening it a bit (and also use a bit of glue to prevent it from completely falling away) would be a good fix.

Also, this issue tends to go away if you put your headphones volume at about 50%. After several days, this issue usually goes away itself permanently.

Thanks for the suggestion. The 50% setting doesn’t fix the issue. I’ve had mine set there since I bought it. But I will try taking a look at the volume disc.

Just twist your volume and test some other positions. I know this is a very annoying issue, but I hope it will fix itself after some twists.

I have found that unplugging the power cable then powering up again stops this. At least so far!

I thought David P. Wrote on some thread that this was a firmware issue.

See. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=65&p=206&hilit=Headphone+volume#p228

The few times I’ve tried my pedal, the volume know was clicked into the off position I believe. Is that possible? I think I controlled the volume on the screen with one of the top knobs.

I’m now having this problem. When BB is playing, the volume screen randomly pops up, on its own or sometimes when I hit the main pedal for a Fill or Transition. In my case, my Headphone Volume is switched OFF. The Main volume is at 100 percent and I’m using the Stereo IN & OUT ‘puts.

I can’t say whether it was related to swapping the SD Card, which I did several weeks ago but the problem didn’t start until now. I can put the original one back in for what that’s worth.

Again, it’s random therefore no cables or anything touching the knobs.

Using Firmware 1.29

Also the link in David E’s post is broken. Is the David P information worth looking at? Please post a working link.


That was from the old forum, just search Headphone+Volume to get all the information on this issue. Mine does this too but mine is related to the headphone volume pot which is very sensitive. I don’t use it so I removed the wheel as it kept coming loose, must reattach it to see if that solves the problem.

Thanks Psalm, but my headphone volume knob, is switched to the OFF position. I searched but there’s no clear direction with this issue since folks posted in November about it and I assume since FW 1.29 was supposed to address the issue? Or do you know if we’re waiting on an upcoming update?

It was supposedly fixed in FW 1.29, but personally I don’t know how a firmware fix would resolve the issue. Having said that someone here no longer had the issue when swapping SD cards - so maybe it is related to that - I really don’t know. You could set the headphone volume to 50% and see if that works and or use the original SD to prove my thinking on this is wrong.