Volume settings for accent hit

There should be a volume setting for the wav file assigned to the accent hit button.

I couldnt agree more it seems like such an obvious edition to allow the cursor /menu box to open with a control setting for volume(velocity) of accent hit ,its just too long winded going to the kit and changing it and then when I do it doesnt seem to have changed the volume of accent when I go back to song.For example if I want to import a handclap or cymbal on accent most times its just way too loud compared to rest of kit.Pleeeeease include this in next firmware/software update

I have to agree too but that should also apply to the songs themselves. I actually love the concept of the BB and use it a lot to practice or just to jam with friends even though I’ve had to learn about midi and DAW’s just to get that far. I even use it for quite a few songs in my solo act. However, and I know it’s been mentioned before, lowering velocity means you’re not getting the most out of the drum kit. For example, if I want a full hit on the crash cymbal but lower the velocity, the .wav file used is not the full crash cymbal hit but something less than that.

Quite frankly until Singular Sound figures out how to save volume settings for each song I simply cannot recommend the BB for serious live use unless they understand midi and DAW’s. Unfortunately I also don’t have the time necessary to make sure all my songs are at a consistent volume level. As a solo act I’m already doing several things at the same time so to also have to make volume adjustments with a volume pedal is just not acceptable to me. I am also constantly learning new songs so being able to focus on my music is more important to me than having to be doing that much work just to get a drum machine to sound consistent.

From a business perspective, I think a bigger problem for Singular Sound is that most musicians are exactly that… musicians, not techies or programmers. For example, I know only one other musician in my town, a solo artist, who bought a BB and he has yet to use it in a live situation for this reason. He’s had it for about a year. I’ve offered to show him how to create songs and make the adjustments he needs but he says he’d rather just stick with his stomp box which doesn’t require any hoops to jump through. I can’t really blame him.

Sorry for the rant but I feel better now :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’ve already proposed that we be able to save volume setting for drumkits on a per song basis. The difference with this proposal is that we are talking wav vs. midi. We should be able to adjust a wav volume independent of any setting that might affect the whole song, just as we can now adjust a wav volume within a drum kit. That said, getting volumes right on a per song basis is going to be part of any backing tracks system. That’s part of being a musician and rehearsing your songs.

thats interesting Im very new to wav and midi I thought this pedal would be perfect for my live trio,now Im a little worried it may detract from my playing,though i guess the more practice the easier it will become to juggle both.I think it could be workable though.Would be great to have something simple for dummies like me for instance a 'cafe’setting that keeps the cymbals at a level that doesnt make people jump out of their seats,though I guess i could just turn the volume down but still its all relative.
I have tried the brushes for cymbals but not a great sound.For now Im just going to keep it simple set grooves so Im not changing more than 2 or 3 times a song.Our trio does ambient arrangements of covers so it could work.Ive also considered using a compression pedal with the beat buddy perhaps that will help bring levels into line .Any ideas on that?could tht work?
Phil thanx for all your help with uploading some of those quieter wavs

I’ve been planning on trying out the compression pedal route. My pedal board is massive, so I’m slow to make changes to it. I was looking for a good stereo compression option, but nothing jumped out that would work on a pedal board. I am not going to figure out how to get a rack module attached to my board. I also thought I could just use a boost and volume pedal on each channel of the BB, but that’s quite a bit of gear.

Re: Arrangements - this may not apply to your type of music. But, it you look at any of my arrangements, I generally set them up as A) everything before the part where I want to improvise, i.e, a pre-jam, B) the Jam, C) everything after the jam. This means I press the pedal to get started. It goes through to the jam, and loops the jam as many times as I want that day, then I press the left button on the extension pedal, which I have set up for outro, and it goes to the outro and I’m done. 2 presses for a whole song. Guys that do the OPB, or course, have just the one press, but don’t have the versatility of an open ended jam.

Hmm compression is an interesting concept, I’ll have to experiment see if it helps.

I’ve downloaded your songs and many others so I would really like to thank you and all contributors! For me, I’ve come to enjoy OPB’s as much as the w/bass songs broken up into parts because they do lend themselves to jamming. I really like that. Obviously there are pros and cons to both but the differences between the two aren’t a big deal for me. I don’t mind a little foot tapping to play parts but volume is a different issue, at least it is for me.

I understand what you’re saying about rehearsing and adjusting on a per song basis but not when I have to go through so many steps (export/modify in separate app/import) just to save overall volume adjustments. And as I said, changing velocity changes what .wav file is used in the kit instrument. Especially when you’re dealing with non-OPB songs that have a lot parts, just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess what I don’t understand is why they can do the programming to save the tempo with each song but not volume. Isn’t it just a midi command?

I also understand what you guys were talking about (wav accent hits vs midi parts). However, I figured that unless we keep asking we may never get what we’re looking for. Like you and several others I’ve seen, we have made the requests but yet here we are after all this time still dealing with the problem. Just my 2 cents.

We’ll see if these requests are integrated with v2 of the BBM–I don’t know that the developers will tackle these requirements until they have a stable new app. Always nice to keep the pressure on them as to users’ requirements though :wink:

Interesting discussion on compression. As I use a compressor pedal for my guitar, I had thought about giving it a try with the BB pedal. The comments at https://www.gearslutz.com/board/rap-hip-hop-engineering-production/61903-compression-settings-drum-machines.html, seemed to indicate that this might not be the best solution since digital drums are already compressed. Might be good to hear what, if anything, @GoranGrooves has to say about this.

I have the ‘Soul Preacher’ compression/sustain pedal ,I havent tried yet but will.Im even going to try a phase or flange pedal connected to beat buddy going striaght into desk.The phase /flange for getting a swooshy ambient sound but it may sound horrible I dont know yet ,trial and error I guess.I have a Tone Bone Pro>Boss Giga Delay>Zoom A3 acoustic pedal> and a reverb pedal on my board …suffice to say its pretty crowded.Once set though apart from the delay pedal I dont need to touch it.I will have to find a way to have Beat Buddy and its footswitch and if I do use compressor find a place for that but it wont be on my pedal board it will be in front of it.The compressor is a very small pedal but even still things have gotten a little out of hand with the size of my board lol.

Well said Ray