Volume spikes up at low levels

When I turn volume up from 1 which is almost inaudible to 2 it gets very loud. There seems to be no gradual raising the volume at all. No gradual way of raising the volume.

Can you explain your setup? Are you using the headphone out?

Psalm 40 I am not using headphone out using mono out to an amp and my guitar into mono in. It sounds fine except it is super loud even at volume level 1. When I edge it down even more it almost disappears suddenly. Edge it back up to level 1 and it’s loud suddenly. Going to try firmware download if I can figure that out. The makers of Beat Buddy aren’t going to win any awards for comprehensive directions online. Thank you

Is the PA/amplifier that you are running the BB drum signal into turned up really high? That would also probably produce a distorted signal. If it’s a PA, with mixer board, check the volume as well as the gain. And as Psalm40 said, make sure you aren’t coming out of the earphone jack.

Seems that the firmware update helped fix this as well as my better understanding (still limited ) of the beatbuddy. I’m liking it a lot better than my Trio pedal. Thanks all for your help.

In answer to other users having the same problem with the output of the Beat Buddy, I too had this same problem but I fixed mine long before the latest upgrade and some may still want to do this. The output of the Beat Buddy is unusually high, very high to say in the least. It will very quickly overload the input of most sensitive amps to a point where you have to somehow antennuate the output either through a volume pedal or an equalizer. I built an equalizer just for the Beat Buddy and things now are much quieter. Believe this, the signal has been antennuated down to 40% on the volume and 30% on the tone and that’s with the Beat Buddy turned down to about 40% on the output knob. The signal now is much better to work with especially for recording levels. Just thought you might like to know.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.