Volume with expression pedal

I have a Behringer FCV100 expression pedal. I connected it to the MM with a TRS cable and calibrated it with the MM. How do I get it to control the volume rather than the tempo, what commands go into the MM application.



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Hey there!

Thanks for the question, check out this YouTube short on how to set up the custom mode to have the MIDI Maestro send the CC:108 volume command when the EXP pedal is moved.

Does this answer your question?

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You must be using the 1.6.1 app versions along with version 1.1.9 of the MIDI Maestro Firmware

Update the app to v 1.6.1 and the maestro to 1.1.9

Go to exp setup on the app
choose “positionnal” and set cc 108 don’t forget to save
and sync again with the maestro


It is working… Thank You

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