Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X8

Hey! I just recently purchased a Pedal Power X8, and early returns are, it rocks!

I have 4 “hungry” pedals (Beat Buddy, Midi Maestro, Boomerang III/Sidecard, Strymon Iridium) and my under-board power strip was full with 4 bricks plus a 1Spot powering my other pedals (TS-9, Chorus, Delay, Verb, Tuner, Phaser, Octave, Booster). I was also starting to notice a distinct hum that would come in an out.

So I pulled the trigger on this guy: Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power® X8. I like that it was simple and just offers 8x500mA ports. A lot of the other ones offer a blend of 100-500mA ports and very few offered 4+ ports with 300-500mA+ like I needed.

It arrived yesterday and I used it last night at practice to power my 4 hungry pedals. No buzz! Everything worked flawlessly and sounded pristine! I’m assuming that I’ll be able to run my other pedals (<500mA combined) on 1 of the spots to also replace my 1Spot brick!

Anyway, highly recommend! Great option if you are looking for something to power the BB/MM and other power hungry pedals!


Couldn’t agree more - I have the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 for my Midi Maestro, BeatBuddy & Boomerang III :smiley:

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