Wait - I upgrade and I get /fewer/ songs?


I’ve used my BB mini for about a year, and I absolutely love it. For my birthday I got the full BB. I’m really surprised to see that, not only does it have /fewer/ songs than my old one, but to get some of my well used sets (e.g., Ballad), I have to pay extra? This wasn’t a cheap purchase, I feel a little ripped off… :frowning:


Not sure what songs came with your BB Mini but I thought that the BeatBuddy came with a much more robust set of songs that included some of the Mini content as well. Try downloading the Default BeatBuddy Content Update and see if that’s an improvement https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/ but if not, there’s plenty of free one-press songs (that may or not be your cup of tea) and kits here on the forum.


Thanks persist for the reply. Yeah, unfortunately one of my favorite simple sets on the mini is for-pay only on the full BB. (Ballad). I’m happy to pay for upgraded content (I really like the standard pro), but this surprised me.

Yes, I did spend some time getting a whole slew of one-press songs from the forum up - they’re great (but not really why I bought a BB).


If the Mini includes the Ballad kit, which is a premium kit for the BeatBuddy, I can certainly understand your frustration.

You can try asking Support if they can make a concession in your case since you’ve upgraded.

I did notice though that the Ballad-Mini songs are provided as part of the Default BeatBuddy Content Update.


Thanks persist - I thought I updated the BB, but I’ll check when I get home tonight. Perhaps it’s as you suggest- the basic ballad ones from the BB mini 1 may have been added later. I’ll report back for others to make sure it’s the same


I’d like to confirm that persist was right - you can update your BB to include the balad mini set. The process isn’t straightforward if you’ve already loaded a bunch of stuff, but I opened the downloaded BB update as a new project, exported the song folders of interest, and imported them into the new one. Thanks for the help.


Thanks for letting us know and am glad you sorted it out.