Waiting for delivery

Finally ordered a Beatbuddy and I am patiently waiting. In the meantime I purchased the premium library as well. While im waiting for the physical one, is it possible to download the library into the Beatbuddy manager and start exploring or do I need the pedal with me before I start?

You can go ahead and use your Beat Buddy Manager without the BB. It may be best to get a separate fresh SD card to get everything set up. Note that the maximum SD card size for the BB is 32gb. Any decent brand 32gb class 10 card seems to work well.

I must be missing something then. I have the bbm installed on my computer, using windows 10. ive downloaded the premium file, unzipped it but cant get anything to load into the bbm

In BBM, for files with the tag .pbf is is File>Import>Folder. For .drm it’s File>Import>Drum Set. For .sng, it’s File>Import>Song. Songs have to be imported into a folder that exists before you do the song import.

Thanks, Phil. Got it working

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