Want just kick drum for an accent hit?

Could someone please help me figure out how to get a kick drum to be an accent hit

To do this, you will need to have a WAV file of a kick drum.
You then use that file as an accent hit for your song part in BBManager.

Here is where you will need to assign your file to.
Note, that each song part can have a different accent hit, so make sure you assign your WAV file to every song part you wish!

Any suggestions on where to get the WAV file for this? Thank You for the help!

Earlier versions of BBManager automatically extracted all the WAV files from the drumset to the user_lib folder inside the workspace. The most recent version doesn’t do this anymore.

Initially I thought that was a chosen strategical way how Singular Sound protects its intellectual property (WAV files themselves in this case). But from what I have seen in the private correspondence, this is not the case, and there are plans (as far as I know) to revert that eventually.

You can use BBManager, look to Project Explorer tab control (bottom left), open Drum Sets tab, and double click a drum set there to open it. You will see the list of its internal WAV files. Select the one you wish.

The process of actual extraction of the WAV file is pretty hard.
Press Win+R. Type “%TEMP%” without quotes. Hit Enter.
You will definitely see at least one folder that is named like {356e59f4-daef-daef-daef-b0bdd49005ad}. Every time you open a drum set in BBManager (with double clicking), a new folder like that is created for you. But when you open a new drum set, this folder contents are deleted. But most likely due to a bug in BBManager, the folder itself is NOT deleted.

So. What to do?
Close BBManager and erase ALL the folders that are named like {356e59f4-daef-daef-daef-b0bdd49005ad}!!!
If you open a drumset now in BBManager, there will be only one such folder like that, so it will be easy for you to find necessary one.
Open this folder, its content is pretty self-explaining.

Got it Thank You very much!

I found this one and use it on a few songs…

Speaking of KICK, is there anywhere on the built in stuff a straight Kick beat. No hats, no nothing. Just a kick, 4 beats in a row?

No, but you could edit the Metronome midi in another application and change the midi note to 36 then resave the midi as something else and add it to a song. You could (as I have done once) edit the midi file of a beat you really like and remove all but the Kick Drum and resave and add it to a Song.

Wouldn’t I need some sort sort of midi software to edit it?

There is a 4/4 kick drum floating around here somewhere. I downloaded it and use it for Mumford and Sons songs. It was uploaded by CaryC so big love to you, dude!!! Great work.

Here is the link to the thread:



THanks Vibe!! I’ll give it a listen when I get home

That WOULD be great, but it’s a .sng, which means I can’t insert it into a song I’ve created as a main beat. It can only be it’s own beat. I’d need that “effect” in midi form. (Need it for Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2). I’ll go to that thread and see if maybe its creator has the midi file of it.

I misunderstood. Sorry about that. I thought that you were looking for a straight, finished kick drum rhythm. Anyway best of luck with your search. Hope you solve your problem.

Shawno814 uploaded a midi file here:

If you need to know how, please see my tutorial videos which should help.

Got that Shawno upload. Thanks very much!!!

Finally relocated this thread, I’d first thought it was per sample, but now see the full kits are all there. I didn’t get that you were being facetious, Thanks! I found it handy to just switch kits and as the new one came into %temp%, offload it and then onto the next one to get the full set of original wavs. Parallels and XP just paid for itself on my Mac.

Now that I’ve got access to the Wavs, I’m pretty sure I can build 3 core kits to make BB and EZDrummer2 very compatible. I’ve done a pretty thorough review of the EZDrummer2 kits that are similar to Standard,Rock,Brushes in BB. The EZDrummer2 midis have multiple snare notes etc. instead of using just the velocity on the same note so to make the kits so duplication of the standard kit sounds will be needed and likely a little trimming of the random pools or downsampling some. This is a summary of where to add/remap existing kit sounds to not have to tweak every midi for note assignments. In the end the BB will have two compatibility kit selections, one for GM and the other for EZDrummer2.

That’s great Norbert would you be willing to make these samples publically available by uploading them to the samples area by kit. If an individual sample is over 1mb then you will need to use a cloud service like dropbox, are you happy hosting these, may just be easier to just add them to a cloud like service.


To be honest, I’ve already consulted with David and he said he had no problems with WAV files from the original drum set to be available for the public view.
If that was the case, I would’ve never shared a way to extract those files to begin with!

I thought I read that somewhere, but I don’t understand if that was the case why they did not make them available themselves via Dropbox or something rather than us having to jump through hoops like this to get them.

No idea. Anyways, I know for sure I have never breached my NDA.

Here is the original “research” post that first came up with where to get WAV samples - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/possibility-to-use-drum-sounds-from-gp5.1335/#post-4946

After I found they’ve changed the WAV extraction algorithm, I decided it was an intentional way to secure them. I believed they started unpacking WAV files directly to RAM memory to make grabbing temporary result files impossible. That was not the case, however. Now due to programming issues we have a way to extract WAV files from DRM drum sets that looks more like a security hole.