Want to trade materials for a BB tempo controller in exchange for making one for me

I have incorporated a volume pedal into my BeatBuddy set up, and I am interested in controlling the tempo without having to manually turn the knob - I did some research and found a Youtube video showing a tempo controller that the guy made, along with a link to the open source how-to on how he made it.

Is there an electronically skilled user here who would make one of these for me, in exchange for me buying the materials for two of these? You’d make two, and send one to me and keep the second for your own use. I have zero electronics, schematics or soldering skills and I never will. According to the materials list, it’ll run around $50 for the midi clock parts, as well as supplying a passive volume pedal. I will supply the parts on the midi clock materials list, in exchange for having this made.

Would anyone be interested in this trade?

Here’s the link to the tutorial and parts list:

Out of interest , I have managed to link the Soundbrenner Pulse metronome with the BeatBuddy. The Pulse is a vibrating metronome that resembles a watch. The idea is that you can receive the tempo signal via the Pulse thus avoiding the need to have an audible or visible metronome signal. One interesting feature is that you can also set the tempo via the Pulse by tapping it or by turning the dial. (I have a related post in the Technical Support section of this forum that describes my setup in more detail). In my set up I can set the BeatBuddy tempo via the Pulse. The Pulse then vibrates to the beat allowing me to create a loop that will be in sync with the BeatBuddy. I can do this before starting the Bearbuddy. For example I can create a bass line loop first and then bring in the drums afterwards for a different effect.

Anyway, I thought it might be of interest to you as an alternative solution to building one. I realise that you need an iPad or equivalent to make this work so it may not be the solution your looking for.