Want to Use BB to Sync with DAW

Shalom, BB Enthusiasts

I want to record Quantiloop tracks using a DAW so I can add or remove instruments as needed. I primarily use Quantiloop in Serial Mode (Verser Chorus, Bridge) and often need tracks that contain multiple instruments (rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, etc). Using a DAW will enable me to mix the levels as needed and add or remove instruments as needed.

I want to sync the DAW with BB to ensure I record the tracks with the same beats and time clock that they will ultimately be used to play along with. In this case, I don’t plan on recording the drum. Just want to play along with the BB while recording.

After completing the track in my DAW, I want to export the track in a format that I can use to import into Quantiloop, which I assume at this point will be .WAV.

Are there any previous post and/or tutorials out there that I can start with? Thanks again for all your help my Forum Family.