Warning: you will need a MIDI m/m cable

Just got my MM, and although SS included a MIDI breakout cable for BB, a MIDI cable was not included. Of course, I have all sorts of cables, just not any MIDI. (I threw away all audio DIN5 cables decades ago). So off to buy a 10ft MIDI cable :slight_smile:

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Second that…I had to pick a midi cable up but went with 3 feet!

hmmm, I didn’t get the breakout cable with it???

Hmmm… me neither… just purchased last week…

Any recommendations for good make of Midi cables?

I got two 1ft cables and they work OK, but not long into a set they will wiggle loose of the MM and then I lose control of the BeatBuddy. It may be that the cables are too stiff. Until now I have only used Midi in a studio setting and not live. So vibration on the pedal board has never been an issue before.