Warranty in Brazil

I live in Brazil and my power supply suddenly off.
I need know how generate a order to repair it.

If you bought it directly from Singular Sound (SS) and it’s still under warranty, contact support@singularsound.com

If you bought it from a dealer, contact the dealer; if used, you might be better off ordering a new one from SS (or a local dealer).

My opinion is that they’re not economically repairable.

Is there any fixer authorized at Brazil?
If my BBaby to brake?
What i do?

Hi, fellow brazilian here. Better way to solve your actual problem is to buy a new power supply here in Brazil. I would recommend a Landscape Energy 1 or Energy 2, if you’re using BB in a separate way. They aren’t expensive and have a pristine quality.

If you’re mounting your BB on a pedalboard, with a couple more pedals, I would suggest you to buy a ISOPOWER 4, from the same Landscape brazilian brand… if you try to daisy-chain a Energy 2 (not isolated), you almost certain going into problems with hissing and noise.

As for warranty and authorized dealers here in Brazil, well, like most of imported products, we’re basically alone here… I consider this unity very sturdy and robust, it’s not likely to break or cause problems… BUT, if you have problems with input/output jacks and volume knobs, it’s something easy and cheap to repair with a good pedal technician in your own city… IF something more serious happens and you are still under warranty, in THIS case it’s cost-effective to send back your unity to Singular Sound, as a deffective digital pedal is basically a brick.

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Thanks, Bob. I already thinking about a landscape power supply. It’s the better. But the original power supply singularsound should have a longer lifetime, less one year is shorter.

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