Was files through a Midi sequencer

Hi all,

Has anyone here used a sequencer to extract drum beats from a wav file. What I want to do is use my electronic drum kit to record some beats for complicated tunes such as the Shadows Apache, Tabacco Road and jailhouse rock. Then use the sequencer to convert the .wav files to midi? We do not have a live drummer, and use the beat buddy at all our performances.

Does your electronic drum kit have a midi out? If so, you could just record the midi into a DAW. You can’t real simply convert wav files to midi. With drums, it can be done manually to some degree, but it’s a slow process.

Thanks Phil,

I don’t think that is has a Midi out but I will check. I can do the drums through the midi editor in the BB manager, but it also is a slow process. I was looking for a manic bullet.

I just checked, and the USB port can be used for MIDI output. I can record the drums and then use a midi editor to manipulate the beats. I will attempt to use the BB manager to do this.

You’ll be better off editing with a better DAW. Take a look at Cakewalk by Bandlab. It’s free.

I am using a Mac rather than a PC. What app would you recommend?

I use a Mac, and I use Logic Pro X. But Cakewalk is available for Mac, too.