Wasn't That A Party - Irish Rovers

Only 2 loops to this song. You can actually get by with only using the first loop if you want, but I added the second one because there is a 2 bar pause right before the last 2 choruses. If you want to use it (to play it like the original song) you have to transition to loop 2 during the words “… well they run us in to see you…” and then transition right back to loop 1 before the actual chorus. For the really long pause at the end of the second bridge, you just have to pause the drums and hit the Crash accent. I’ve added Tambourine to this song (midi #54) so you will definitely want to add it to the Standard Kit. Have fun with it!

Can you re-upload this? Thanks

Okay, I’ve re-uploaded the song, but disregard the directions I gave in the original post. I’ve re-worked a bit of it to make it easier for the long Pause part. I’ve also added a Police Siren sample that I built so that it sounds like the original. I’ve included the siren samples along with a .jpg of the settings I used (added it to midi #24) so you can add them to your drum set if you want. I also used Tambourine (midi #54) so I included those samples as well in case you need them. Also included is the PDF of the lyrics, chords and BB notations I use to navigate through the song. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

WasntThatAParty.zip (2.1 MB)

Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:
Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Red “O” = Outro
*asterisk on chords = 1 strum and stop or hold


well done. How do I get the drumset into the Drumset Folders?

I’m not sure if I totally understand your question. I didn’t provide a drumset so there isn’t one to add to the drumsets folder (but you would do that in the Manager under the Drumsets menu). What I’ve provided are .wav samples that you can add to existing drumsets as additional “instruments”. You simply have to open the BB manager, click on the drumsets tab (next to the library list) to open the list of drumsets. Then double click the drumset you want to add the samples to (in this case I was using a copy of the Standard kit), go up to the Drumsets menu and click Add Instrument. Then enter the settings I’ve included in the screenshots.
Hope that helps.

Thanks shawno.