Watermelon Sugar?

Anyone have this ditty? Now that we’re starting to get gigs again, it’ll be a peppy little summer number.

I made this.
Not perfect but it gets you in the ballpark.
I’m gonna try it at some gigs this weekend.

It will be a glorious moment or a big FAIL
:sunglasses: or :scream:

I used NP StdPBass 63-91

Watermelon_Sugar.sng (319.7 KB)

Basically 2 tracks . Slow and Normal

I sing the beginning with my guitar
When I get to the Chourus I step on the pedal when I sing “High”

at the end of the Chorus I 'HOLD" the Pedal to transition to the 2nd part.

DBL tap to stop

Thanks Sludge - sounds really nice. Especially the bass part in the “normal section” -
Can’t wait to try it out in public.

No problem

I’m thinking about deleting the outro. It gets kinda sloppy exiting out in the middle of the song for the restart . Let me know what you think ?